Active tourism

Walking and Hiking

Vrboska is an ideal base to explore on foot, with several nice walks and hikes depending on levels of exertion. 

The most popular walk is the pretty coastal road to neighbouring Jelsa, which is a pleasant 35 minute stroll round several coves and through the pine trees. 

The UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain is also within walking distance, a chance to take in an agricultural colony which has been largely unchanged for 24 centuries. 

For the more adventurous, there are several more challenging organised hikes, from a half-day to a full week.

  • 24,1 km
  • 2 sata
  • 420 m
  • Hard

We climb along an asphalt road from Hvar towards Brusje, then towards the gazebo. 300 m after the gazebo we turn towards V. Grablje, then left on a macadam path and we descend towards Milna. We turn through Milna, and we ride along an asphalt road towards Hvar, where we finish the section.

Bicycle path 1

  • 28,1 km
  • 2 sata
  • 400 m
  • Hard

From Stari Grad, we climb along an old road to Selce, then to the gazebo. After the gazebo, we turn 300 m to left towards Velo Grablje. There we turn right on a macadam path, and we descend on a steep slope to Milna (we pass under the viaduct). We continue on an asphalt road towards Zaraće and Dubovica. And we climb towards the tunnel. We pass through the tunnel and descend to the ferry quay to Stari Grad.

Bicycle path 2

  • 24 km
  • 2 sata
  • 500 m
  • Medium hard

We start from Stari Grad (riva). We climb along an asphalt road towards Selca and continue climbing towards the gazebo. 200 m before the gazebo, we turn onto a macadam path (left), and we climb towards St. Nikola peak. Before the top, we turn left and ride across the plain towards Dol. We suddenly descent (steep slope) towards Dol (church), and we continue along an asphalt road towards Stari Grad to the waterfront.

Bicycle path 3

  • 29,2 km
  • 2 h
  • 95 m
  • Easy

We ride along an asphalt road from Jelsa (waterfront) towards Vrbanje, then we descend on an old road (asphalt) towards Stari Grad. We pass through Stari Grad towards the "Arkada" hotel, where we turn right onto a macadam path. We pass a slight climb towards an asphalt road leading to Rudine.Then we descend to Stari Grad, where we continue towards the airport along a macadam road. We arrive to an asphalt road, turn for Vrboska, and we come to Jelsa along the coast.

Bicycle path 4

  • 27,8 km
  • 2 h
  • 265 m
  • Medium hard

We start at Poljice (asphalt) towards Zastražišće. We turn left in Zastražišće towards the Kljušna cove (macadam), then towards Milna and Rosanjica coves, all until the turn to the Pokrivenik cove. We start to climb towards Glavičica and an ashphalt road there, until the "Karmelino" tavern (refreshment), then we climb towards Grudac and turn right onto a macadam path. We ride along the macadam path all the way to Humac, where we turn on an asphalt road and return to Poljice.

Bicycle path 5

  • 25,2 km
  • 1,5 h
  • 335 m
  • Easy

We start from Dugi Dolac, i.e. we start towards the Pokrivenik cove. We ride towards Gdinj on an asphalt road, Bogomolje and Jerkovići. We climb to the Ubline peak, and we descend to Sućuraj, where the track ends. Those who find this track short can return back on the same route.

Bicycle path 6

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