Active tourism

Free climbing

Hvar’s stony hillsides and rockfaces are a delight for those who love rock climbing. There is climbing to suit every level of climber, from beginner to expert: a suitable challenge for every individual! Rock climbing is a sport suitable for adults of all ages, so long as you are physically fit enough. 

There are climbing locations in seven places on Hvar, two of them descending to lovely little bays where you can climb and swim at the same time. At present there are some 300 organized routes, offering sport, alpine, maritime, and solo climbing.

Climbing locations on Hvar:
•    Sveta Nedjelja (bay on the coast)
•    Vela Stiniva
•    Milna
•    Pokrivenik
•    Straćine
•    Podstine
•    Sv. Nedjelja (cave and chapel)