UNESCO heritage sites

Hvar is the only island in the world with as many as six UNESCO monuments. Chora Pharou, an old town field with parcelling preserved from the time of the first founders, has been the cradle of vines and olives for 24 centuries. skillful making of agave lace, for 150 years kept by Benedictine nuns in their monastery in Hvar. it is the only place in the world where unique embroideries are made in which hours of patient work and prayer are woven. Every year on the night from Good Thursday to Good Friday, the procession "Behind the Cross" takes place, a 500-year-old procession with its crusaders and a multitude of believers, walking the paths that their ancestors have made on pilgrimage for centuries. the traditional Dalmatian song, the unique way of building dry stone walls and the Mediterranean diet of the island of Hvar are also a protected cultural asset and part of the UNESCO protected heritage.