The Trica Gardelin Restaurant

If you decide to visit Vrboska, don't forget to stop by the Trica Gardelin family restaurant. The restaurant was opened in 1997. and has a long tradition in catering. The name Trica Gardelin was not created by chance; “Gardelin” is a family nickname, while “Trica” was created as a symbol of three children who run the restaurant together with the owner Pero Mihojević.

The menu of the restaurant offers various fish meals. As a special seafood delicacy, they recommend fresh lobster. The menu also includes Adriatic tuna, squid and, of course, a seafood delicacy, octopus. The healthy vegetables served as side dish come from home-grown, organic farming, and are prepared in home-grown olive oil. 

For everyone with a sweet tooth, there is a juicy Dalmatian “rožata” waiting for you. Wine lovers will be delighted with the wine list, which is mostly based on local varieties of top-quality wine.

The restaurant, with its 140 seats on the spacious terrace, offers a fantastic view of the shimmering sea. A light breeze will help you forget about the summer heat.

The hospitable and professional staff and the pleasant ambience will stay in your memory for a long time.