Winery Nikola

Winery "Nikola" is a small family winery and distillery, which has been producing wine and brandy since 1980.

It is located in Vrboska in the old town near the second bridge, with a beautiful view and a pleasant atmosphere.

In its product range, it offers eight types of wine (Top quality Plavac mali barrique, Quality wines Plavac mali, Bogdanuša, Pošip, Rose, Škarpunero-dessert wine, and table wines).

Different types of domestic indigenous brandies (carob, myrtle, fig, walnut, cherry, herb, grape brandy). You can taste Dalmatian delicacies such as salted fish, prosciutto, cheese, dried figs ...

The holder of the family farm, Nikola Matković, M.Sc. in Horticulture, after graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, returns to the island of Hvar, renews, expands and continues the family tradition of wine production. Introduces improvement, modernization of devices and business. In 2019, OPG Nikola Matković won first place for the best bogdanuša at the 1st Jelsa Summer Wine Tasting.

The tavern also combines art with wine. With Art & Wine painting workshops, the overall experience of wine and this creative tavern deepens.