The Pinjata Winery

The Pinjata Winery

The "Pinjata" wine cellar is located in the old part of Vrboska, just behind the Fortress Church of St Mary. The wine production of the Gabelić family is based on the cultivation of two indigenous varieties of white wine, “Bogdanjuša” and “parč”, and red wine “Plavac mali”.
With a glass of good wine, there you can taste different Dalmatian specialities such as highlight smoked ham, a variety of cheeses, salted fish and seasonal salads.

“Bogdanjuša” is a wine with the longest roots of existence on the island, nowadays it is especially appreciated. “Bogdanjuša” is a quality dry white, greenish yellow in colour, sort aroma, full and harmonious, with a fringe and a slight but pleasant bitterness and a freshness which is rare in an island wine.

“Plavac” is a quality dry red wine, produced from the most important black native grape varieties “Plavac mali” in Croatia. The wine is dark-red in colour, of full taste and rich with tannic structure.

“Parč” is a quality dry white wine, with a specific muscat taste. It is produced from the authentic grape varieties, known for its production only on the island.

“Rose” is a quality dry wine made from “Plavac mali”, a light wine suitable for summer days.