Privacy policy

Vrboska Tourist Board (hereinafter - TZ Vrboska) protects the privacy of its members, associates, users and employees in accordance with the General EU Regulation on Personal Data Protection 2016/679 / EC ("GDPR Regulation") and the Law on the Implementation of the General EU Regulation on protection of personal data. The Privacy Policy of the Vrboska Tourist Board undertakes to process personal data exclusively in accordance with the principles of this Regulation.

Personal information:

According to the Regulation, personal data are all data relating to an individual whose identity has been or can be established (“respondent”), and an individual or respondent as the GDPR calls it, whose identity can be established is a person who can be directly or indirectly.


According to the Regulation, processing means - any procedure or set of procedures performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether automated or non-automated means such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, retrieval, inspection, use, disclosure by transfer, dissemination or otherwise making available, harmonization or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction.

Data collection:

User data is collected through available web forms for various purposes - for example, subscription to an electronic newsletter, interest in online materials available for download, etc., as well as through personal contact with employees and associates of the Vrboska Tourist Board. Entering data is necessary so that users can get the requested service or information from the Vrboska Tourist Board, and they are collected based on the terms of use. We collect some data automatically - you can read more in the "Web cookies" section.

Purpose and insight:

Personal data is used exclusively for the aforementioned purposes and will be available to external executors of the processing process. External executors are renowned organizations from the EU or outside the EU, which operate in accordance with the GDPR Regulation, which TZ Vrboska hires to perform externalized functions of hosting equipment, communication with clients and for other purposes. In addition, based on legal obligations, personal data will be made available to representatives of the competent legal authorities.

Web cookies:

The site uses web cookies. These are small pieces of code that the browser automatically executes, and are needed to adequately display the content of the pages on all devices, and without them the use of the pages would not be possible. The information collected in this way does not contain personal data and serves to improve the functioning of the site and improve the user experience of website visitors.

Deleting web cookies is possible through the browser settings, and for more information on how to delete them, please contact the manufacturer. Additional information on web cookies is available at


Storage and protection:

Personal data will be stored and processed within the legal deadline and protected by adequate security measures. Please note that no web site is 100% secure and we therefore strive to fully protect visitor data, but we cannot guarantee absolute security. In addition, no computer is 100% safe from hacking or unwanted downloads, and we recommend that customers use all available measures to secure their own computer and browser.

Respondents' rights:

Respondents have the right to information, correction of personal data, their deletion and the right to object. Information, correction, deletion - in order to exercise your right to information, correction of incorrect data or their deletion, please contact us by e-mail at Vrboska

Right to object - We occasionally send users:

• Newsletter

• Event invitations

• Survey questionnaires

Each of these forms of communication always includes the possibility of unsubscribing, and we guarantee that clients who unsubscribe will not be contacted again, unless they subsequently request it themselves.

Resolving misunderstandings or additional issues:

To resolve possible misunderstandings or ask additional questions, please use the email address



For all additional questions you can contact us at:


Vrboska 404

21463 Vrboska

Tel: + 385 (0) 21 774 137