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Today's name of the island is of Greek origin (from the Greek Pharos - lighthouse). From this name the Romans formed the name Pharia. Dalmatian Romans turned it into Fara, and in the early Middle Ages the settled Croats replaced the consonant f with a group of consonants hv, and changed the name to Hvar.
Hvar belongs to the group of central Dalmatian islands. It is located in the Split-Dalmatia County, in the middle of a group of islands that are part of this county. North of it is the island of Brac, and south of the islands of Scedro, Vis, Paklinski islands, Korcula and the Peljesac peninsula.
It is 72 km long and 10.5 km wide in the wider part. Its total length of the coast is 254.2 km. It covers an area of ​​299.7 km2, which makes it the fourth largest Croatian island. The highest peak is Sv. Nikola (on which the chapel is located) which is 628 m high.
The length of the road connecting the town of Hvar on the west and Sucuraj on the east side of the island is 84 km. The island of Hvar is mostly covered with pine forest, which creates an extremely pleasant climate and vineyards that produce up to 50,000 hectoliters of wine per year.
The location of the islands in the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean, means that the islands of Hvar and Vrboska enjoy a favorable Mediterranean climate, warm winters and hot summers. The Mediterranean climate of the island of Hvar is particularly mild. Snow and temperatures below 0 ° C are rare.
The annual amount of precipitation is from 500 to 750 mm, mostly in the winter, while the summers are mostly dry. The island of Hvar has the longest insolation in Croatia (average 2718 hours per year). Forest and macchia occupy about 50% of the area.
The national currency is the kuna. Money can be exchanged at a bank, exchange office, post office and in almost all travel agencies, hotels and camps. It is also important to note that it is possible to use credit cards for payment, but only in marked places. The exchange rate is on average: 1 EUR = 7.1 HRK - 7.5 HRK.
Free hotspot
Wifi4You is a free hotspot network in the center of Vrboska.
Gas stations:
INA Vrboska - marina
Address: Vrboska 515, 21463 Vrboska
Telephone: +385 91 497 147
INA Jelsa - Pelinje
Address: Pelinje 1018, 21465 Jelsa
Telephone: +385 91 497 1229
INA Hvar
Address: Janka Zazjala 16, 21450 Hvar
Telephone: +385 91 497 1226
Audio guides for the heritage and history of Vrboska can be found on the website:
ATMs in Vrboska: PBZ
Travel documents
In most cases, an identity card will be sufficient (if you are an EU citizen), others require an identity passport. Tourists are allowed to stay in Croatia for a maximum of 90 days.
Residence registration
Registration of residence and payment of tourist tax for domestic and foreign guests are required by the Tourist Tax Act and the Aliens Act. For your own comfort and safety, make sure you are registered from the day of arrival to the day of departure. Each accommodation service provider is obliged to register the stay of guests in the eVisitor system.
We wish you a pleasant stay on our sunniest island.