What to visit?

Fisherman's museum

The  centuries-old tradition of fishing on the coasts of Hvar has become an integral part of the island's history and the identity of its inhabitants. The Fishermen's museum in Vrboska, an heir of this tradition, offers its visitors an insight into the historical development of this important economic practice. Located in Vrboska, a a settlement founded during the 15th and 16th centuries by the fishermen who were mainly hunting for small pelagic species, the Fishermen's museum displays authentic objects mostly acquired from the local population. Other than fishing tools and equipment used in different periods of history (from the archaic pine wood burning lights – svićala, to modern electrical lights for fishing) the Museum also exhibits interesting and important specimens of the fauna of the Adriatic, traditional cooking utensils for preparing fish dishes, as well as objects that speak of the industrial history of Vrboska, mostly tied to the sardine factory that was active until 1972. In that very year, the Fishermen's museum in Vrboska opened its door and became the first of its kind on the Adriatic coast.