What to visit?

Kaštilac - watchtower

Kaštilac Fortress is located at the highest point of the Glavica peninsula. It was built on a place where sea routes can be monitored and that was its original purpose. The view extends to the sea between Hvar, Brač and the mainland and served as an observatory. It was built in the 16th century, when the church of St. Mary of Mercy known as the church-fortress

The height of the preserved tower reaches about 5 m and the diameter is 4 m. It was built of stone and the walls are about 50 cm thick. Kaštilac Fortress has been on the list of protected cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia since 2012.


The idea for sightseeing certainly has progress, whether you are a lover of nature, cultural heritage, photography, magnificent views or enjoy a walk, this is a safe place to visit.